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4 - Questioning25 - Carelessness


4 > 25 - Knowing how to do it

One knows the reasons for the progress of the works.


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The formation

4 - Questioning

Give pointers to the student who asks oneself questions, but delay before answering to the thoughtless questions. That way the student will rely on their judgment.

4.1 - Questioning - One shows the students the limits which must not be exceeded, then one must trust them.

4.2 - Questioning - When someone is welcoming and a patient teacher, they are trusted.

4.4 - Questioning - If one learns alone, it is because they wanted it.

4.5 - Questioning - One does not stop asking.

In the making

25 - Carelessness

When one overlooks the future, one will not see what is coming.

Proof (Pivot's method)


4.5 (4 > 59) - Questioning

4.5 (4 > 59) - Questioning

One does not stop asking.

Correction (4 > 21) - Questioning (4 > 21) - Questioning

One can come to understand what others are saying if they ask them for details.

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