Consulting the I Ching

According to the informations contained in the book of the French authorCyrille Javary, entitled "Le Discours de la tortue", the first consultations were done during the sacrifices by examining the bones of the slaughtered animals. Then the sacrificers used turtle shells, until the appearance of the yarrow sticks, then the money coins. Today, we often use the computer.

The choice of a method is not neutral because the probabilities to obtain a specific hexagram are different. Those who defend the principle according to which the consultation of the I Ching is a subconscious activity will generally prefer using yarrow stick, will distrust the coins and reject the consultations by the mean of a computer. I was saying before that what we think about the I Ching has an influence on the range of our questions, it is also true with regards to the choice of the consultation method.