The text entitled "Taoscopy" is the one that you will find on this site directly or as a download. It is in the public domain, which means that it is free of rights, you can use it without prior permission. I've named it that way as a reference to a radio show created by Jacques Chancel : Radioscopie (link to a French page).

My first intent was rather to share references and explanations to illustrate Richard Wilhelm's texts but I quickly realised that it was not easy to obtain the rights to do so. Thus I've turned toward the writing of my own comments, which were only a weak paraphrase of Richard Wilhelm's comments except for a few that I had understood differently. Then I have validated them by consulting the I Ching. Then the checks have turned into direct questions and one thing leading to another I could elaborate this version.

Its characteristics are:

Going further

The Great Treatise