43.5: Bad herb gone good

The Yi Jing comments have been made by humans, and as such they carry their lot of misunderstandings and mistakes. I have pointed already that mantic formulas like "Fortune" and "Misfortune" contradict the comments of 16.1 and 58.5. But...

Style and Content

I was consulting the oracle about the attitude that consists of considering only the style without looking at the content. Then, after a few readings I didn't get fully, the oracle answered this:22.1 (22 > 52)SituationOne is trusted...

Update (1 > 41)

One is not ready to give up the training of the youngest, so they check the methods.

Update (1 > 52)

One wants to recover so they make no difficulties with others.

Update (1 > 22)

It will be difficult to release oneself if one is committed to answer all questions.

Update 26.4 (26 > 14)

Controlling the other's aggressiveness by yielding.

Interpreting multiple lines: the answer is in your heart

In a recent post, I have explained that after obtaining the comment of 1.1.6 > 28, I was puzzled because I could not interpret it simply with the changing lines. I have changed my mind about that.[1 > 28]Situation1 > 28 -...