Update 59.6

When one does not know if they can repair, they move away and refrain from asking the most able for resources to continue.

Android update, version 3.3

Fixed crashes occuring after screen rotation.. Fixed a rare issue linked to the display of hexagrams without question.Link to the free version on Google Play Store

Update 59.5

Others are expecting one to find the answer without help.

Update 59.4

One asks the most able to call when the preparation will be finished.

Android version 3.2 update

Fixed a bug where clearing the list would not let the user consult the I Ching without closing the application. The consultations can now be browsed like the pages of an electronic book. Option added to save the list automatically before...

Asking the I Ching once again?

I've discovered the I Ching with a book, it was one of those books with complicated sentences, but it was quite exotic and I found it entertaining for a while. Of course I didn't understand much about the I Ching and I thought it would...