Update 62.1 and 62.3

62.1: One accepts to examine the weakest, in order to know if one must continue with the others until they are ready.62.3: One asks the most able to assess the repairs.

Update 64.1 & 64.2

64.1: One wanted to make reforms without preparation, but those who had been neglected resist and show their weaknesses, so one repair them while being guided by the most able.64.2: One has gone without help to feed their entourage, but is...

Update 2.2

One stops listening to the explanations because they are lost but will ask later.Various corrections.

Update 9.5 & 9.6

9.5: One must help others more so that they accept to share.9.6: One wants to see the evidence that the other is patient and will take not even a modest initiative before committing oneself to return what the other has lost.

Update (2 September 2015)

Various corrections.

Update 8.2

One commits themself to help their friends to repair what they have wasted before it is too late.

Update 4.5

One does not stop asking.