Update 63.1

One asks their close ones to prepare themselves before responding.Transition from the en-GB version (Great-Britain English) to en-US (American English). Various fixes.

True Love, Jesus, Laozi and the I Ching

Often, we can wonder if there is a connection between all the religions and sometimes we can discover bridges between them. A known example of such connections is the link between the Taoist notion of wu wei (non-action) which is...

The I Ching

The I Ching, also called Yi Jing, is a Chinese book which describes a philosophy used to consult an oracle. These two elements (the philosophy and the oracle) make it appealing and original. Originating from ancient China, it has been...

Update 62.4

One gives way.

Introducing yijing-oracle.com

yijing-oracle.com is a helper site for those who want to get translations of Taoscopy's comments in other languages than French and UK English. Since I cannot do all the translations on my own and neither can I afford professional...

Update 59.6

When one does not know if they can repair, they move away and refrain from asking the most able for resources to continue.

Android update, version 3.3

Fixed crashes occuring after screen rotation.. Fixed a rare issue linked to the display of hexagrams without question.Link to the free version on Google Play Store