Update 20.4

One asks the youngest to not commit any imprudence by taking decisions without consulting the most experienced ones.

Update 28.5

One hurries to repair before others notice the decline.

Update 26.5

One waits until the youngest return to repair.Correction 20.2

Comments version 3.0

The version 1.0 of the text allowed us to study the Yi Jing with the oracle, by starting with the least understood comments.The version 2.0 of the text consisted of a systematic examination of the remaining comments of the hexagrams and...

Update 60.1, 60.2 and 60.3

60.1: One stops tiring themself out while waiting until their friends return.60.2: One hides their uncertainties to control the situation.60.3: One is too weak to feed their group so they prepare to remedy their addiction.Correction 20.2:...

Update 7.4, 8.1, 22.6, 63.6 and 64.6

7.4: One prevents others from continuing, until one has restored their concentration.8.1: One is tired by the delays caused by the checks, so one humbly asks the other to replace what they have taken, once they are done showing their...

Update 2.4 and 13.2

2.4: One does not return before the most able have repaired the neglects.13.2: When it is difficult to succeed without help, one asks the most humble before calling the most able.