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18 - Disorder25 - Carelessness


18 > 25 - Showing one's appreciation

One sends thanks to all those who have been involved in the renovation work.


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The formation

18 - Disorder

One needs to abandon their affairs and make oneself available to patiently soften one's most embarrassing flaws, so that one can inspire confidence and be engaged by those who can help them.

18.1 - Being awaited - One arrives late to do what the others had planned for a long time.

18.2 - Protecting sensitive souls - One helps the weakest gently.

18.3 - Interfering in other people's business - One sees the negligence of a relative, so they take the opportunity to help them.

18.4 - Failing close to goal - The others do not commit because one has not decided them.

18.5 - Being persuasive - One manages to convince others.

In the making

25 - Carelessness

When one overlooks the future, one will not see what is coming.

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18.5 (18 > 57) - Being persuasive

18.5 (18 > 57) - Being persuasive

One manages to convince others.

Correction (18 > 21) - Disorder (18 > 21) - Disorder

One does not send announcements to their relatives when one wants to surprise them.

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