Confidentiality policy for Taoscopy for Windows 8

Internet access

Taoscopy for Windows 8 uses your internet connection to download the comments updates and display the help pages. Deactivation of your internet access will block those functionalities but will not prevent the other application functions to work normally.

Personal information

No personal information is saved other than the connection informations stored in the log file.


The site is based on the CMS WordPress and as such, can create cookies on your computer. You can forbid or delete those anytime without any adverse effect on Taoscopy for Windows 8.

Log files

The site stores for statistical and security purposes your connections in the server log files. These are standard informations such as your IP address, the connection date and your browser version. Those are for private use only.

Mobile Apps

Download Taoscopy

App Store

Taoscopy for iOS version 10.3+

Google Play

Tasocopy for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14+