Update (1 > 12)

1 > 12 - Don't addOne wants to catch up so they don't respond to others.

Update 1.1.6 (1 > 28)

1 > 28 - Abandoning their disputesOne asks their opponents to seek an agreement.

Update 1.1.5 (1 > 50)

One gives up working because they have sought too quickly instead of preparing.

Update 1.1.4 (1 > 57)

Giving up wantingOne waits until the others give up. 

Android version 4.0

Taoscopy for Android has been updated, it has received a lot of bugfixes, new icons and allows the selection of comments, just like on the site. This update was necessary because of the comments on the situation.Full versionLite version

Comments on the situation and James Legge comments

The site is evolving again with comments on the situation. The I Ching that we usually consult provides comments for the hexagrams and for each changing lines, but when there are multiple changing lines, it is very rare to see comments for...

Update 6.2

One should not claim what belongs to someone stronger, they will find solace in their neighborhood.