Update 1.2.3 (1 > 25)

Friends ask one to wait until the shock is dissipated before checking.

Update (1 > 64)

One explains to those who fear the difficulty that they have already passed it without help.

Update (1 > 59)

1 > 59 - Abandoning those who do not correct their mistakesOne stops, because others are not ready to hurry to organize alternatives in order to repair their errors.

Update (1 > 31)

The relatives want to learn, so one hurries to finish their preparation without them.

Update (1 > 56)

One gives way to help others find their friends.

Site Update: Transitional sequences

After some studies, it appeared that there are two transitional sequences, one raising and the other descending. And they both seem to matter in the interpretation of multiple lines. So, for the time being, the comments are reverted to the...

Update (1 > 53)

One asks others to come back with other proposals because their reforms do not inspire confidence.