Comments on the situation and James Legge comments

Published: Friday, 4 November 2016

The site is evolving again with comments on the situation. The I Ching that we usually consult provides comments for the hexagrams and for each changing lines, but when there are multiple changing lines, it is very rare to see comments for those. There are two known comments for the hexagram 1 all lines changing, and the hexagram 2 all lines changing, and that's it.

As Taoscopy's comments have been made by consulting the I Ching, it is naturally possible to ask the I Ching to provide a comment for any situation. To do that required a change of organization on, but also on the companion website, which handles all the translations.

The work is mostly done and the two first comments on the situation have now been released. They concern 1.1.2, and 1.1.3. Another change is that the comments are also given a title, so 1.1 has received the title "Inexperience".

You can see them here:

Hexagram 1.1 > 44

Hexagram 1.1.2 > 33

Hexagram 1.1.3 > 6

In the future, you will see more updates to the comments, but also to the site and the mobile apps.

If you have visited this site often, you might also have noticed that the language of the comments no longer changes when you switch between French and English, this is because you are now allowed to pick the version of the comments that you like. Another upcoming change is that other public domain versions than Taoscopy will be hosted, the first being James Legge comments that are being edited on


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