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38 - Misunderstanding3 - Remedy


38 > 3 - Accepting to house the poor

One is making efforts so that the weakest are accepted.

The formation

38 - Misunderstanding

One must revisit a misunderstanding if they want to dispel it. If needed, one can seek advice. One may abandon the small differences.

38.2 - One comes upon someone they know who had taken distance.

38.4 - One asks for help with leaving their neighborhood in order to overcome the difficulties.

38.5 - The other ends the separation so one can join them.

38.6 - One wanted to take the other away from them, then refrains because the latter comes to ask friendly questions.

In the making

3 - Remedy

Time will need to be spent. Seek assistance and clarify the situation by identifying the problems.

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