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Moral errors

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  • Moral errors

    Sometimes, merely consulting the Yi Jing is a moral error.

    Example: X has been invited to dinner by Y. X accepts then consults the Yi Jing: Should I go to this dinner?

    Asking this question is a moral error. X has accepted and must go to this dinner, except in the case of circumstances beyond their control.

    In this case, the error would be described by 14.4: One does not shift away to provoke others.

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    Sometimes it's not a moral error, sometimes it's others aggressivity and mistake.
    Example: Y doesn't ask if X have time, just declares that X must go to help him.
    In this situation Yi Jing say
    One shall not provoke with initiatives
    1: One is modest so they remain at their place
    5: When others are mistaken they must be explained.

    Sometimes it's unpleasant and feel that it's beyond our grasp but must to do.


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      Yes, when in doubt you can apply 34.4: When one hesitates they consult their friends.

      Answers to immoral questions are difficult to interpret because the question is often ignored, but not always. So you can ask first: May I ask this question? then continue if the reading is encouraging.