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Do not confuse spiritual truth and material truth




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  • Do not confuse spiritual truth and material truth

    The Yi Jing is giving us spiritual answers. It is often impossible to determine the material outcome given a situation, and it is the way it should be.

    Some religious think that the Yi Jing's answers are given by demons who sometimes know the truth and sometimes don't. A better explanation is that a spiritual answer can materialize itself in different ways in our material world. I cannot stress enough that the answers are given by God and they never fail. However, given a negative answer, if we regret our actions, if we accept our fate humbly or if we take steps to correct the situation then God can make the material consequences harmless.

    This is one of the reasons why interpreting the Yi Jing's answers is so difficult. The Yi Jing helps us to make spiritual progress, and is not a tool to predict the future.