The Yi Jing commented:

Egyptian billionaire: I found the island I want to buy for refugees -> 6.4 > 59

The formation
6 - Claim
One is prevented from continuing, despite thinking that they say the truth. Do not use force to conclude. Entrust a mediator.

4 - One wants to win then stops because they see the weakness of the other.

In the making
59 - Separation
One endures separation without opposing it by force.

My interpretation:

This is an interesting reading, with many possible interpretations. To clarify we are going to ask two follow-up questions:

Who wants to win? (from 6.4)

Who wants to win? -> 15.4 > 62

The formation
15 - Decency
One shall not provoke with initiatives.

4 - One does not act without receiving the request.

The Egyptian billionaire has taken action without receiving a request.

In the making
62 - Exit
One checks before going out.

The weakness of who/what? (also from 6.4)

The weakness of who/what? -> 54

The formation
54 - Assistance
Protect one's interests by making oneself useful.

The refugees are not getting enough assistance.

So, this man could have done nothing because he has not been officially requested to help. But, confronted with the weakness of the international help he has done something.