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Daily reading: (A Humble Pope, Challenging the World)




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  • Daily reading: (A Humble Pope, Challenging the World)


    The Yi Jing commented:

    A Humble Pope, Challenging the World -> > 2

    The formation
    50 - Involvement
    One is called upon to serve others.

    2 - One succeeds better than their friends because one has gotten supplies.
    3 - One may ask for help because it is difficult to search without the others.
    4 - One needs to repair because one has broken something.
    6 - One may return to work to help their friends.

    In the making
    2 - Obedience
    Being able to provide assistance, without taking decisions.

    My interpretation:

    This reading describes the task of the Pope. While it can be read as it is, a few follow-up questions can give us a deeper insight.

    What supplies? (from 50.2)

    What supplies? -> 64.2.4 > 23

    The formation
    64 - Instability
    One must show patience and only act knowingly. They are cautious and inform their relatives.

    2 - One has gone without help to feed their entourage, but is getting tired so they ask the most able for the means to return.
    4 - After providing help to get the situation under control, one will be sought again.

    In the making
    23 - Erosion
    Decline that one can control by using their reserves.

    What has been broken? (from 50.4)

    What has been broken? -> 50

    The formation
    50 - Involvement
    One is called upon to serve others.

    As we can see, 50.2 -> 64.2.4 still presents difficulties, but we have sufficient insight to interpret this reading now.

    Line 50.2 describes the church, which has supplies.
    From the first follow-up answer, line 64.2 describes charity, and 64.4 describes the repetition of charity

    Line 50.3 describes how the church may ask the people for assistance
    Line 50.4 expresses that faith and involvement to help the poors have to be restored (from the answer to the second follow-up question, 50)
    Line 50.6 expresses that the Catholic church may return to work.