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Daily Reading: (Strong Chile earthquake sets off tsunami waves)




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  • Daily Reading: (Strong Chile earthquake sets off tsunami waves)

    Article :

    The Yi Jing commented:

    Strong Chile earthquake sets off tsunami waves -> > 32

    b]Strong Chile earthquake sets off tsunami waves -> > 32[/b]

    The formation
    1 - Evolution
    Changing to obtain quality work.

    1 - One is still too weak to act.
    5 - One has understood the needs of the times.
    6 - One is getting into bothers.

    In the making
    32 - Perseverance
    One must be careful before committing themself, after they must continue.

    My interpretation:

    To get a deeper insight of the oracle's answer, we can ask these follow-up questions:

    Who/what is too weak to act? (from 1.1)

    Who/what is too weak to act? -> 14.3 > 38

    The formation
    14 - Meeting the demands
    Addressing the needs if the means are available.

    3 - Accepting loss and abandon, this is how one sets back the danger.

    Evacuation of the population.

    In the making
    38 - Misunderstanding
    One must revisit a misunderstanding if they want to dispel it. If needed, one can seek advice. One may abandon the small differences.

    What are the bothers? (from 1.6)

    What are the bothers? -> 25.1 > 12

    The formation
    25 - Recklessness
    When one overlooks the future, they won't see what is coming.

    1 - One wants to see the evidence before accepting.

    Checking the damages done.

    In the making
    12 - Disorganization
    Problems prevent the progress. The best solution would be to leave.

    Continue what? (from 32)

    Continue what? -> > 2

    The formation
    11 - Duty
    Organize, prepare one's work.

    1 - Preparation will bring success.
    2 - Enduring harsh conditions, being attentive, and forgetting their preferences, make it possible to broaden one’s scope.
    3 - When a problem arises and one can solve it, they will rejoice.

    Working for a better preparation to face earthquakes.

    In the making
    2 - Obedience
    Being able to provide assistance, without taking decisions.

    So, the oracle commented about the difficulty of living in an area prone to earthquakes.

    1.1 expressed that evacuating the area is difficult.

    1.6 expressed that the problem caused by earthquakes had been overlooked.

    The final advice, 32 then 11.2.3 explains that the people there will need a better preparation to face future earthquakes.