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Relationship reading 25.1 > 12

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  • taoscopy
    Hello, as I see it he considers you as an helper, but not as someone central to his life. Hex 35 suggests a natural approach, so you don't have to adopt a particular stance with him and should react as you feel. For the last question it looks to me that you should require of him more proofs of his committment before envisioning a long term relationship, hex 21 also shows that some kind of inquiry is necessary.

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  • Ddm
    started a topic Relationship reading 25.1 > 12

    Relationship reading 25.1 > 12

    Hi, I am kind of new with the I-ching. I am practicing since few months. Now I have this situation I questioned about:

    I had a very deep and passionate relationship with a man for almost 3 years, then somehow he got lost in his fears and insecurities. We broke up, he had another relationship with another woman that didn’t end well, he came back to me and I was cautious. Then he decided he wants to be alone (does he?).

    Anyway, we kept in touch occasionally, but I cannot forget him, no matter the time that passed or the people I meet. I recently contact him because of an event, he was kind but not really into it.

    therefore I asked to the Ching:
    who is he in my life, can I look at him as more? Hex 3
    what approach should I take with him? Hex 35
    will we likely end up as a couple again? Hex 25.1 > 12

    Then, for some complicated reason, I asked the last question again (I wasn’t sure I recorded the first time properly) and it was: Hex 21

    I keep a little notebook with my readings and I saw I was correct even the first time.Therefore I have 2 readings for the same question.

    what do you think? Particularly from the last one and back.