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(Splitting Apart) 23>22 (Grace and Beauty)

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  • (Splitting Apart) 23>22 (Grace and Beauty)

    Hello dears

    ive been asking about a situation with my current roommate. After months of contemplating I have finally told her how I really feel about some things and told her that I’m contemplating living on my own in the future (I’m the main tenant) and that I also want to switch rooms first to see if this improves the living conditions so much that she might be able to stay (because I had been wanting to move back into my old room for a while now).

    I wanted to do this this month but she talked me into waiting til April. Now I wasn’t sure if I should talk to her again and tell her that’s too late for me or if I should just „wait it out“ despite being dissatisfied with the long wait.

    what do you think the I Ching has been trying to tell me here with 23> 22 (changing lines 1 + 3)?

    i have gotten the idea that it’s not the best idea to renegotiate and I should just sit it out until April?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Yes let it rest, 23 shows exhaustion and 22 shows taking your time XD