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to solve a relationship issue ( > 47), what should I do given these answers ? 19.5.6 > 61? 63.1.6 > 53?

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  • to solve a relationship issue ( > 47), what should I do given these answers ? 19.5.6 > 61? 63.1.6 > 53?

    I have found that perhaps the issue refers to the followingI will leave the questions (written in BOLD and underlined) that REALLY need an answer at the bottom now I have explained the context) first , I appreciate your help in this

    in short to solve the opposition and finish the cycle (which is currently before completion , 63) by trying to change her mind or solve the issue i would end up exhausted/OR this will cause to block my progress... which is it? i dont know.

    38.1 someone fine horse I have lose has to come back to its own accord (means to not chase her or forced to come back by asking for it) but I have to make some approach to solve this issue

    Accepting those for who they are can attract their return. In meeting contention one always does well to examine one’s prejudices and judgments.
    this is38.1 saying to accept her behavior not try to change it but it mentions that I have some perjudices or ideas that I need to examine(maybe believing that she is angry with me because I didnt wait for the reponse the last time I wrote an apology email saying I would be there for her whenever she needed me, I had casted that time when I made the email what should I do 10.2 it told me if she ws meant ot be with me she would return, she did but since I have sone compulsive/anxiety or problems with waiting I didnt follow the thing I mentioned in the email she got angry and blocked me once again.

    this is comes an insight of the situtation
    38.1 there is a need to solve the issue but I cant force her, the solution is "To cross to the other side of Opposition requires that you honor differences while staying true to oneself. You need only go half way, so don’t sacrifice your uniqueness."

    so I need to make an approach ( Hex19) I dont need to change my behavior entirely(It either refers to stay friendly for too long or perhaps if she dislikes that I am clingy/pushy I shouldnt stay in standby all the time) not sure which one it is

    38.5 refer that she sees me as an enemy this is certain, once she drops her behavior judging me from the past then she would find that she can join me
    but the thing she first has to "if we stop projecting the past and look deeper at the reason we meet those we do, we discover that often our enemies become our best friends."
    once she does this she would see the things she likes from from my friendship and similarities would make her see me as a partner
    "The quality that attracts and binds is holding integrity and individuality above all else. Your similarities are hidden but once the defensive wrappings come off, there is great shared affinity."

    31.6 talks about

    she currently sees me in a bad light, and the only way to fix it is following a cycle uniqueness not sure from what?the situtation?my apologies? my behavior to change for her? the opposition(where currently I am, and the flowing I imagine means to let event unfold)
    "Disagreements may cause you to look unfavorably upon others but misunderstandings are resolved. The steps to union can only be achieved by allowing uniqueness, opposition and then acceptance to flow in its natural cycle"

    so I had previous casted 46UC and 3UC both talk about suble persuation with consecutive effort followed for a wait time. 46 talks about increasingly each time. 3UC talks about a gift the universe can give me

    what I had had to send in the email plus what she dislikes in 40.4 talks about leaving my point of view aside, and only talking about what is best for her from my friendship(as I had casted before I had not to aim more than friendship for now) also talks about "Control your compulsive fear or anxiety and success will come of itself." which refers to the anxiety clingly pushy behavior she dislikes from be the one made me block me

    be sincere, flexible with the message and dont ask her for her friendship at all. and I need to stop some behavior which somehow caused me trouble kinda sounds like some kind of acittude i had(before I assume I wasnt patient, because I couldnt wait for her to act return to her own accord) but how do you achieve this if you dont follow 46UC advice? i maybe should try to wait for her between emails to see if she acts first(i mean the first time she unblocked me 2week ago I didnt wait and I messaged her first) so i dont understand if this is a conffirmation of 46UC ?
    "Pay close attention to local customs, and honor them." ->respect her belief and what she considers to be appropiate about what a is a worthwhile friendship.
    to confirm what really mean I asked the same question and received 40.1.4

    40.1 is taken as a conffirmation about what I queried so the above interpretation is true (I highlighted in bold what I thought before casting)
    40.4 refers about

    A. Liberate yourself from egotism and allow the trustworthy insights of the Self to guide you.
    B. Control your compulsive fear or anxiety and success will come of itself.
    C. The image suggests that perhaps you have fallen in with bad company – abandon inferior influences.
    this can be considered out of 3, 1) I shouldnt be egoist when talking to her and ler myself to know what to write her, not my ego which desires something else than her friendship. now refers to something from 56 "Get rid of attitudes and habits that" 2)stop being pushy as a toe, i should try to not push with anxious responses/to not wait for her? "Deliver yourself from your big toe and the companion will come" leave the pushy clingy behavior and she will come...

    how would she receive the email?
    35.2.5 > 50 she would complain and she wouldnt read it. I have another chance while things getting into transformation? (the email was asked to send her an offering but I mean I didnt have the knowledge on how to do it I was un prepared)


    what should I do for her to unblock me and talk to me normally and in a future have a relationship in the future with her? (this is context I had something with her but lasted briefly 55.1)

    63.1.6 > 53

    what should I do for her to unblock me and talk to me normally as friends?

    19.5.6 > 61

    (here talks about the sacrifice but is it relly necessary? I mean this is a comment of mine, I like 19.5.6 becuase seems to lead to inner trust and it is an auspicious hex for me I think? also I dont know but I asked this question below yesterday the 2 above today, of course both have 19... )
    now I asked what should I do for her to unblock me?> 23

    I dont understand the difference between 1 and 2 they say the same?

    yeah talk about her emotions (perhaps she think I betrayed her trust for not fulfulling my promise to wait for her to send me a message whenever she needed me, instead I was pushy and send her a message 4 days after I saw she unblocked me
    Being sensitive to another’s feelings helps to bring good fortune. A need to clarify expectations with another might be necessary.

    Being sensitive and showing integrity wins sympathy from others. A need to stay strong in who you are while respecting another is necessary. A discussion leads to a return. If you are sincere in seeking advancement you will succeed.
    A compensating sacrifice takes place in an a Sage returning from retirement to teach others. Put the needs of another before your own needs to harness this great hearted approach..

    I asked "is the sacrifie that I move away (dont text again) temporarily for her to see the change?" -> line 6 suggested I ask someone for an advice.. I know who is this someone. but

    what is the sacrifice? Hex 1 UC

    what is the sacrifice it refer in hex 19 line 6?
    23.3 > 52
    the sacrifice so she could talk to me again?
    19.4.5 >44
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