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    Hi dear Taoscopy readers,

    I was asking what to do with a project. We started it years ago but didn't continue. Now, in this lockdown time, my colleague a d me we were talking to restart it after this period.
    The idea is nice but I ve got the feeling it will take time. It have to with senses and human contact and, this time, is really special. So asked hat to do, thinking about continuing or not.
    the answer talks about the slow progress: 53 2,5> 18.

    i ve got the impression which the answers confirms to continue, slowly and applying the knowledge is other ways. What do you think?

    Thanks a lot

  • #2
    Well, line 5 seems to represent your project that has been put on hold for many years. That part makes no difficulty. What is more difficult is to get the line 2 that applies to it.

    One consults the most competent about the problems one may encounter.

    Maybe you will need some advice, from someone or from the I Ching, or maybe giving advice is what your project is about and in that case you should just go for it.