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Iching stock: Wang Chi Iching Hexagram 36 for 2020




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  • Iching stock: Wang Chi Iching Hexagram 36 for 2020

    Wang Chi Iching

    Wang Chi Iching is a Chinese language iching bible from ancient times. A hexagram is mathematically computed for each year. For 2020, hexagram 36 Ming Yi governs the year from Feb 4 2020 to March 3 2021.

    According to my computation and data mining, Hexagram 36 appears every 62 years in Wang Chi Iching.

    Virus outbreak
    2020 Outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. It happened in Wuhan and other parts of the world.

    1958 (2020-62 =1958) 1957-1958 Pandemic (H2N2 virus); The outbreak happened in China and the same viral infection spread to the world. 1 million human lives were loss, with 7200 death in the US.

    1896 (2020-62-62 = 1896); Erythema infectiosum or fifth disease is one of several possible manifestations of infection by parvovirus B19. Famine in Northern China

    Analysis of Hexagram 36 for viral diseases
    By classification, hexagram 36 is a soul drifting hexagram.
    ▅▅ ▅▅ parents gui water you metal (news, government)
    ▅▅ ▅▅ brother gui water hai water (medical staff)
    ▅▅ ▅▅ officer gui water chou earth (disease) – host line, chou earth month: Jan 4 to Feb 3
    ▅▅▅▅▅ brother si fire hai water (medical staff) (hidden line wife/wealth mou earth, wu fire)
    ▅▅ ▅▅ officer si fire chou earth (disease), chou earth month: Jan 4 to Feb 3
    ▅▅▅▅▅ child si fire mao wood (drugs)- guest line

    The above reading confirms the bad news for COVID-19 appeared between Jan 4 to Feb 3 (chou earth month – officer line = illness/disease). See line 36.6, 36.2, 36.4.

    The child line is the drug and is month void under the chou earth month (Jan 4 to Feb 3, ding fire chou earth). Therefore, there is no medication available.

    However, by March 4 or earlier, the month is mao wood and the drug becomes the day commander. Chloroquine phosphate is now used to treat patients with the early stage of COVID-19 infection.

    Since the parents line (WHO) is you metal which is month conflict with the time mao wood (March), the WHO becomes concern, but it cannot provide any solution.

    The medical staff is hai water at line 3 and line 5. In Feb 2020, the yin wood month is coupled to the hai water. The medical staff is tied down to treat patients.

    Since yin wood (February) and hai water (medical staff) match the criteria yin wood – hai water mutual damage, therefore some of the medical staff died or got infected in the line of duty.

    Officer line 2 (COVID-19) illness in the lower hexagram (epicenter), and line 4 is the outer door position. As human travels, there are new epicenter. Now there are 8 regions affected.

    Hexagram 36 & Financial Market

    Hexagram 36 from my unpublished book means:

    36 Inauspicious. Financial luck is bad. Transaction is not successful, investing will result in losses. In time of danger and facing a high risk environment, do not stand out alone. Be cautious to avoid a disaster. Meanwhile, regulate one's expenditure to avoid further financial loss, and deficit. In time of bad financial luck, one is depressed and lost. However the bad times are temporary, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    36 Inauspicious. Stock market is shaking up and down, a stock market crash is inevitable.

    What happens between February 17 -21 2020 in the stock market confirms the above. 3-4 trillion dollars have vaporized.

    I will not comment on future stock market performance at this time.

    There is no wealth line in hexagram 36 and the wealth line is hidden under 36.3 brother line hai water. Brother line means seller and institutions who will short the market for profit. The hidden line is wealth wu fire which does not appear. No wealth line means no easy profit at this time. Hai water (seller) suppresses the wealth wu fire.

    2020 is zi water year and wealth wu fire is year conflict (wu fire Vs zi water). Such situation does not create the wealth easily.

    Common Sense & Energy Market

    Finally, when cruise ship becomes infected, it does not set sail. Airlines stop flying to certain countries, the oil price start dropping to the bottom. Bank loan money to oil companies, the financial section takes a hit. The energy company are worth little. In addition, big pharma has no drugs to treat the problem. The stock goes down for pharma and drug stores.

    Feb 4 2019 to Jan 3 2019 has hexagram 25 (six strike hexagram) from Wang Chi Iching. It means things go good (From Feb 4 2019 - Feb 3 2020) will turn bad at the end (last month: Jan 4 - Feb 3 2020 under hexagram 25).

    Iching Mathematics (Computation) of Iching Stock

    The last market crash happened on March 1 2009. Feb 27 2020 is option day (Friday) wherein stock price is either highest or lowest most of the time. In the recent case, it is the lowest.

    Iching mathematics consider 32 days as a cycle. If one calculates number of day difference between Feb 27 2020 and March 1 2009, the number is 4015 days which is 125.46 cycles of 32 days.

    If one uses the hexagram 36’s 62 year cycle of appearance, 2 x 62 cycle of 32 days = 124 cycle of 32 days. Jan 15 2020 (124 cycle x 32 from March 1 2009) is the day of first alert.

    If we add another 32 days, the time is Feb 16 2020 (cross over into 2020 hexagram 36 year).

    Feb 4 is the beginning of Geng metal Zi water year (year of rat). Geng = 7, Zi =1. The month is Mou earth and Yin wood.
    Mou = 5, Yin = 3.

    Feb 4 + Geng = 7 + Zi =1 + Mou = 5, Yin = 3 equals to Feb 20. Feb 20 is the day the market that Dow Jones index starts the downward price trend.

    Feb 28 is Geng (7) metal zi (1) water day. Geng metal zi water year + Geng metal zi water day is known as hidden misery (suffering). There is reason to worry.

    Feb 20 above + Geng = 7 + Zi =1 = Feb 28, minus the first day = Feb 27 2020 (Friday), Iching mathematics decoded the day of market correction to >10% on Feb 27 2020.

    Therefore, if the investor pulls out quietly between Feb 16-19, he/she avoids the downturn of the Dow Index and S & P 500 losses in the next 32 days counting from Feb 16 2020.

    Additional information
    In the above link, people doubted the use of iching stock prediction methods. What I show is the tip of an iceberg in the mountains of iching literature. In ancient history, there is no stock market. Innovative solution must be developed to identify challenging solutions in this area.
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    Thanks, this is what I got for hex 36:

    36 - Adversity
    One isolates oneself to correct the situation.

    So I guess it means people wearing masks, etc.. to avoid being contaminated.