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    I am very new to this and I would like help with the interpretation. I am confused.

    I asked to get insight into whether I accept a job I recently applied for and I got: 41.1.2 (41 > 23)
    My background: I am not happy in my current work, though is very well paid. I applied to this other job, it will be less money and imply moving to other city.

    Situation 41 > 23 - Monopolizing
    One calls those who prevail to exercise more discretion.

    41 - Removing
    One loses one's support and abandons. Accepting the constraints will arouse sympathy.

    41.1 - Reducing one's commitment - When one imposes oneself, one has to stop.
    41.2 - Refusing to impose oneself - The difficulty would be too great if one accepted.

    23 - Erosion
    A decline that can be contained by drawing on one's reserves.

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    Welcome to the forum. Someone or something is taking too much space. So the question is: what is it? it can be money, it can be your previous job, it can be the new job. Will it be a very demanding job? Or is it your actual job that is too demanding? I think that if your current job is asking too much of you, accepting a less stressful one will be a good move.


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      Thank you.
      That is why I am so confused. I am not sure whether the reading is talking about my actual job, that indeed is demanding or if the new job will be even more demanding.
      41.2 - Refusing to impose oneself - The difficulty would be too great if one accepted.
      If I accept the new job? or if I accept to leave this job?


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        I asked a follow-up question: What if I stay in this job?

        I got : 61 (and nothing else, not changing lines or other hexagram)

        61 - Immobilized
        One must show patience because one is asked to make progress.


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          As a follow-up question you can also ask directly: "What should exercise more discretion?"


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            Thank you very much. I think that the answer to your suggested question is enlightening
            What should exercise more discretion? - 1 > 11

            1 > 11 - Evolution
            One needs to finish preparing before pursuing.

            1 - Evolution
            Change to obtain quality work.

            1.4 - Evolution - One can address the issues.
            1.5 - Evolution - One has understood the needs of their times.
            1.6 - Forgetting where ones strength comes from - One can blame oneself for not doing anything when others needed to be heard.

            11 - The Way
            Organizing, planning one's work.