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    Hi there! I was asking why i act with someone in a way which was hard and raw. I 've got 2, 2> 7. It looks that is because i was just raw and clear? What do you think?
    thanks for your opinions.


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    My understanding is that you wanted to say these things for a long time. What's interesting is to look at the reciprocal 2.5 which is about being quiet, modest and successful.


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      Hi Taoscopy and others!

      Thanks for answer.

      You nailed with those 2 points:

      1. Your interpretational

      ...and I ask me : how is possible that you get to that conclusion from.a sentence like this : Straight, square, great. Without purpose, Yet nothing remains unfurthered.

      2. Lines correlation.
      This is a topic that amazed me and I need to study about. So, 2nd line is correlated to the 5th. In your site, its said that they are in opposition. Is that meaning that I was missing the qualities of the 5th line? How can I learn about this relations?

      PS: I had a lot of troubles to write this message from my phone. It appeared all the time an square on the screen saying: error security token

      Thanks again for your inside.
      I am wishing to learn to read how you do .

      Best regards


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        Hello, I was in a hurry yesterday so I didn't have time for a lengthy answer. There are several points that you can consider when you examine a single changing line hexagram.

        You can consider the nuclear hexagram, here we have 2.1 > 24, it shows the root of the situation. So here it hints about something that has gone too far.

        Some people like to consider the trigrams, here the lower trigram of earth turns into water. This trigram of water also represents the ears, so we can think about difficulties to hear.

        Then you can look at the hexagram 2, it is one of the most difficult to understand because it has many meanings. Here we can think about obedience but also receptivity, docility maybe? And it transforms into hexagram 7 which is about discipline.

        Naturally you can look at the line comments: Straight and square, those are the qualities of someone who is blunt, in order to restore discipline.

        The reciprocal is about success with the small: little words, little action can go a long way. Sometimes even losing is beneficial.

        The juncture 8.5 shows what could have been done before: when someone resists, let them go.

        The fan yao 7.2 shows what can be done after: imitate the behavior of the other. My understanding is that it is not what you can do but the other person can retaliate with blunt words too.

        So, here we have someone who has gone too far and is put back on track with blunt words (or actions). The oracle did not judge you but has given you a precise view of the situation. 2.5 is interesting but shows an entirely different situation, your moral choice was between 2.2 and 8.5 in my opinion.

        I went to this conclusion by reading this comment: One stops listening to the explanations because they are lost but will ask later.
        So, someone has stopped listening to you and you have solved the issue with blunt words. This comment is one of the oldest I got, maybe it can be revised.

        You can get to the same conclusion through the nuclear, since it shows issues that are accumulating over time.

        You can learn more about these relations by reflecting on them and asking the oracle for explanations. The security token error happens when you leave the page open for too long. You just need to refresh the page to let it go, if you have typed some text it should have been saved.

        I am wishing to learn to read how you do .
        As Confucius said, when what you want is a state of mind, you are not far indeed