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  • 12 to 35 Changing lines advice

    I asked the oracle the best way to read changing lines, and it gave me 12 (stagnation) changing to 35 (progress).

    i looked at it holistically, which is fairly self-explanatory given the titles. If you look at the spefific line changed though (line #5), it says to basically diversify and hedge your bets (my interp.) In 12; then in mutation to 35 it says not ro get hung up on making mistakes.

    just thought it was lretty neat.

    has anyone else tried asking it questions about itself? If so i would like to hear abou it.

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    Hi Walrus.

    This is a nice reading. 12.5 is reciprocal to 11.2 which is about being able to withstand difficulties, so it has to be about something that is still fragile and should be protected. 35 is a very interesting hexagram because it shows Nature as plant growth (Sun above, Earth below), and at the same time it shows technical progress and discoveries.

    So, there is some caution to exert here in my opinion.

    I have asked the oracle about how to read multiple lines, and received as answer 63.3 changing to 3, which led me to think that the topmost line should be read first (because the most competent would go first). And that led me to the descending transitional sequence, which I was not very happy with, then to the pivot method (read top line and then amend it with the other lines), which is far from perfect but is so far the method that gives me the best results. Now I think that maybe the most competent are the hexagrams themselves, I have no definitive method so far.

    Thanks for sharing!