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What does he want from me? Returning?

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  • What does he want from me? Returning?


    I am new here and not very Iching savvy at all. I was hoping someone could give me some quick insight.

    I asked a few questions about an old friend that is resurfacing (that is the short version) that there was extreme chemistry and attraction
    between us. I'm female.

    I asked: What does he want from me?

    I got Hex 31: 4, 6 changing to Hex 53.

    I also asked: Is he returning to me?

    I got Hex: 64: 1,2,4, and the The topmost line, changing to Hex 24 (returning)


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    It's difficult to interpret without background. I can elaborate about the comments though.

    What does he want from me?

    31.4.6 (31 > 53)

    31 > 53 - Showing flexibility
    One repairs with skill while taking care not to disturb anything.

    Since he is resurfacing he is trying to assess the situation, or maybe he is expecting you to do that? Clarifying the situation on both sides should help.

    Is he returning to me?

    I'm not done translating hex 64 but it is about a shipwreck caused by a technical failure. Huh, you could ask What technical failure? as follow-up. It looks to me that the answer is positive anyway because the transformation is 24. He may have pursued another love interest and found himself heartbroken. Alternatively he may have health or money issues.

    Anyway he shipwrecked and is going back to the port (you) for repairs, that's how I see it. You can also ask What should not be disturbed? as follow-up for the first answer.


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      Thank you for your quick reply.

      It makes sense.


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        Me again with another question if you don't mind.

        I simply asked: Doug and me? (a chance for lasting happiness?)

        And I got: Hexagram 32: 1,2 to Hexagram 55.

        Thanks again.


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          32.1.2 (32 > 55)

          32 > 55 - Pretending
          One summarizes one's action in symbolic gestures.

          Hi, don't be discouraged by this answer. Spiritually speaking, worldly pleasures don't last. So, there will be times of happiness and times were you won't be happy. To make it last the advice is to "pretend" to be happy, so that you can cross together the periods of misfortune. In other words, you'll have to manage it (55).

          In the classical comments, 55 has this judgment (Wilhelm):

          ABUNDANCE has success.
          The king attains abundance.
          Be not sad.
          Be like the sun at midday.

          Which is the same idea of not showing sadness.

          The pivot method shows a story where repairs cannot be done immediately (so, the need to pretend)

          32.2 (32 > 62) - Not having enough
          One has to repair because one lacks the resources.

          32.1 (32 > 34) - Being kept waiting
          The other does not want to say yes immediately.

          But..the pivot method is not 100% reliable, it's more of an helper.


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            Thanks again for your reply.

            I did two more readings and they sound positive so I am going
            to leave it at that and stop driving myself crazy.

            I asked: Doug and me?

            I got Hex 49:1 changing to Hex 31 (makes total sense as the attraction
            between us is intense.

            Then I asked: What does Doug want from me?

            I got hexagram 31: 4, 6 changing to Hex 53


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              Hi Opulence, you have asked the exact same question and received the exact same answer. It's natural to proceed like that, we want to see a positive result so we throw the coins again until we are satisfied... However, there is a much better way that allows you to dig further in the situation: instead of repeating the same question, try asking follow-up questions. You can also enquire abiut the attitude that you should adopt, like What should I do?

              So, you've got 49.1:

              49.1 (49 > 31)

              49 > 31 - Criticizing harshly
              One is bound by constraints so one joins the others.

              It is about losing freedom, like someone thrown in jail, or someone who is criticized so much that they will have to resign, or move to another group, for example a student changing school.

              The obvious follow-up questions here are What are the constraints? and Who are the others?


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                Hi Taoscopy.

                Thanks for your reply again!

                I am going to ask one more question if I may. Please help me understand this one.

                The outcome is positive BUT Hex 3 signifies a difficult beginning.

                Line 4 of hex 3 in particular puzzles me!! Is line 4 positive?

                My emotions are involved so I do not want to see only what I want to see.

                The short version is...I am about to meet an old friend from long
                ago who was extremely attracted to me, but he was married back then.
                He is not now.
                He is much older than I am.

                I asked the Iching: When we meet will he still be attracted to me?

                I got HEX 3; 1, 3, 4 changing to HEX 31 (mutual attraction)

                I am stumped on line 4 of Hex 3!

                Please help.

                I won't bother you again after this question.

                I am far from a expert in the Iching.

                Thanks again, Opulence.


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                  I don't understand this line before changing to Hexagram 31

                  Hex 3: 4
                  "The fourth line, divided, shows its subject as a lady. The horses of her chariot appear in retreat. She seeks, however, the help of him who seeks her to be his wife.
                  Advance will be fortunate, and all will turn out advantageously."


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                    Hello Opulence,

                    You are not bothering me at all, I was just pointing out that you would get more insight from the oracle if you would ask follow-up questions than repeating the same question. The fact that you have received the same answer to the same question should be convincing enough.

           (3 > 31)

                    3 > 31 - Resolving difficulties
                    One pretends not knowing what to do when they do not have time to ponder.

                    The formation
                    3 - Resolving difficulties
                    Time will need to be spent. Seek assistance and clarify the situation by identifying the problems. The others will be of great help in finding a solution.

                    3.1 - Resolving difficulties - When others ask for help, if one accepts despite the constraints then one sets an example.
                    3.3 - Resolving difficulties - Venturing alone into unfamiliar territory. One should seek a guide or turn back.
                    3.4 - Knowing how to behave correctly - One will get help if they wait until others send an invitation.

                    In the making
                    31 - Impulse
                    When one helps others, they come.

                    Proof (Pivot's method)

                    3.4 (3 > 17) - Knowing how to behave correctly
                    One will get help if they wait until others send an invitation.

                    3.1.3 (3 > 39) - Getting out of the routine
                    One can leave the beaten tracks to take side ways.

                    As you can see the line 4 of hexagram 3 is about waiting for an invitation. It is the reciprocal of 4.3 which is about someone who is so impatient that they lose control of themselves.

                    By using the pivot method, we correct this line with 3.1.3, it does not always work and does not seem to bring much help here.

                    Now, as you can see the comment is mostly about not knowing what to do, which comes from the third line. You've asked if he would find you attractive, the answer is that if he finds you attractive his brain will stop working correctly, so that's how you will know.