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  • 63 Line 1 changing to 39

    My property has been on the market for four months now with several people have shown interest but no movement towards purchase yet. One could not get the finance and the others haven't moved beyond saying that they really love the property but need to think about it.

    Here are some insights I have gotten from researching the above Hexagram:
    1. I have to keep my energy simmering so I don't run out of steam keeping up the good work I am doing on the property
    2. One of the interested parties may already be interested (fox crossing water and getting tail wet??) but there may be obstacles
    3. What obstacles?
    4. It doesn't look promising that the property will sell in the next 3 months?
    5. Perhaps renew property add online with a re-energised ad??

    Any other insights would be really appreciated as I am meeting with the Real Estate Agent tomorrow.

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    Hello smonica, welcome to the forum!

    63.1 (63 > 39)

    63 > 39 - Maximum
    One asks their close ones to prepare themselves before responding.

    It looks to me that someone is interested but needs some preparation before contacting you, perhaps they need a green light from the bank or make some prior arrangements? Another possibility is that they expect you to do something, but what could that be? I would check the feedback from visits if they have made remarks.