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Asking a out another's honesty towards me. Hex 29.2.4>45




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  • Asking a out another's honesty towards me. Hex 29.2.4>45

    Hello beautiful people!

    I recently asked the iching a question about another person's feelings/intentions/motives... But not surr how to interpret the hexagrams when asking about another one. The question was: "Is X being honest when he says he loves me?".
    According to hex 29, this means repeated danger. Is it dangerous to believe what he says?
    And then hexagram 45 gathering together. Like usual, im confused. But mainly because im not sure if the answer applies to me or to him...
    Any comments on this will be appreciated

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    Hello Neria!

    Is X being honest when he says he loves me? - 29 > 45

    29 > 45 - Improvising a solution
    One is sad not being able to do more to help one's friends.

    29 is more likely to represent difficulties than danger in this situation.

    Asking about others' thoughts does not always yield positive results. So, one way to interpret this answer is to consider that the oracle of the I Ching has declined to comment. When you think about it, if you were asking for someone credit card's numbers you would not expect to get an answer from the I Ching.So here, the oracle would be telling you: "Sorry this is private sphere, I can't tell you".Alternatively you can consider that the oracle has answered you but then it is complicated.

    With the pivot method, we first read line 4 then modify the result we obtained with the second line:

    29.4 (29 > 47) - Living sparsely
    When one has little means, one is content with simple things.

    29.2 (29 > 8) - Passing the buck
    When one encounters difficulties that are too great, one leaves them to those who know how to handle them.

    Line 4 represents a situation where someone aims for simplicity, because of lack of means. And line 2 someone who is unable to do something, so lets others doing it for them.

    So, in my opinion, the person who is helping has little means, and is not able to help a lot. This is why I think that the I Ching has declined to comment. But, it could mean that this person is not able to show you how much they love you, by lack of means, and thus has to resort to words. Words that then would have little effect on you, as per the comment.

    Now, if you read the classical comments, there is something interesting about sincerity:

    The Abysmal repeated.
    If you are sincere, you have success in your heart,
    And whatever you do succeeds.
    If this person is sincere, they will succeed whatever they do.

    It's difficult to elaborate more without background, That's about all I can say, the nuclear which indicates the root of the matter, does not give much more insight, at least for me: (27 > 53)

    27 > 53 - Discovering an unexpected angle
    One becomes aware of an idea that one had neglected.

    It's for you to interpret exactly what this means, some follow-up questions that you might ask are:

    What are the little means? (from 29.4)

    What are the simple things? (29.4 also)

    What is the solution? (title)

    What has been done to help the friend? (comment)

    This last question is quite important because the comment on the situation implies that something has been done. And then if this was your first consultation about this person, then nothing has been done by the I Ching so you can discard the idea that the oracle has declined to comment. However this person has said they were loving you, so here something has been done. Thank you for showing me this reading it was interesting


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      Hi Taoscopy,
      that was an amazing comment. The truth is that I have asked the iching 1000 questions about this person, we have been through some toufh times. He has done some mistakes, sneaky ones, i i discovered them, he apologised. It is very probable that the iching refuses to answer. Because it has warned me of the danger of the aituation several times but i am unable to let go because im in love. And i just try and try to find a question to ask the iching where i will get a solution to be able to trust this guy again, as trust has been broken.


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        Maybe love is all he can offer, no support, no money, no reliability. That's what makes this reading beautiful imo.


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          Thanks Taoscopy.
          i decided to ask a follow-up question because i need to take an imporyant decision. To move to Africa where he is now and ooop a hostel together. Make it work and come back to norway for another 6 months to do marketing. So the decision is really big, syarting a life with him in every sense of the wors. Thats why I asked: "What are his intentions towards me?" And got a bit sad/acared when I got 62.3.6 Both lines talk about mistakes and lamenting....


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            What are his intentions towards me? - 62 > 35

            62 > 35 - Deciding to put order
            One agrees to tidy up their things while there is still time.

            That one does not look complicated. He has some mess behind him (62.6) that he wants to fix (62.3).

            The nuclear is interesting:

            28.2.4 (28 > 39)

            28 > 39 - Lacking patience
            One is downgrading one's chances of success.

            It shows the root (origin) of the situation. He seems to have lost confidence. It looks positive overall, at least in intent. You must have some good influence on him if he decides to sort his mess for you.