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  • Should I let go

    I asked whether I should let go of any hope of getting back together with my ex? Without going into too much detail, it started as if we were the perfect match but certain things happened that affected us both in a bad way and neither of us have been the same. The universe seems conspiring to keep us apart. And we have not been good to each other lately. Currently not in contact. (17 > 64)

    The formation
    17 - To guide
    When one rejoices others, they join with them.

    17.1 - If one talks without bias, the opinion of others will be useful.
    17.2 - When one accepts the least, they forego the best.
    17.5 - One is guided by what they love.
    17.6 - Returning home to share their knowledge.

    In the making
    64 - Instability
    One must show patience and only act knowingly. They are cautious and inform their relatives.

    wondering what it means when I asked if I should let go

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    When I asked whether I should stay patient and hope for the best (ideally for us individually to reach a good stage in our lives and reconnect), this is what I got. (16 > 19)

    The formation
    16 - Youth
    Youth is able to mobilize. It is a period of indecision that one will leave by getting involved.

    16.1 - When one starts by showing their confidence they come back with embarrassment.
    16.2 - When one reaches the limit they stop.
    16.4 - One allows others to approach.

    In the making
    19 - To accompany
    One calls the youngest so they return.

    sorry for the simplicity. Very new to this and kind of embarrassed too.


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      You can see 17 as "having fun with someone or something", then it transforms into 64, unstability. The comment I got from the oracle is: One speaks with gravity to get a laugh from their friends.

      A possibility is that you are unable to let go, so your friends would laugh if you told them that you let go.

      For 16 > 19 I got: One alters the surrounding good mood because of derogatory remark.

      It looks to me that something has been said that should rather have been kept silent. So, instead of being patient, maybe try to solve this issue by forgiving and/or apologizing,.

      Wish you best of luck