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What must I do to win in this situation?




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  • What must I do to win in this situation?

    I have a huge, nightmarish problem which is made up of several very serious problems. I have been trying to resolve the problems one by one. I have been trying one solution : suing my opponents. I asked « How can I have victory in this situation? » I got Hexagram 29.1.3>5. Any comments on this?

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    One presents facts that others have already experienced.

    Yes, in this situation it sounds like a trial, showing proofs and testimonies.

    29.1: When one has encountered a difficulty, they must solve it before facing others. That rings a bell since it is exactly about solving one problem at a time.

    Using the pivot method, it can be interpreted as solve 29.3, then care about the other problems.

    29.3: Others notice what one has wasted, thus one leaves. It is obviously about exposing someone's mistakes.

    29 represents difficulties, and 5 waiting or patience.

    The lower trigram is also interesting since it turns from water into heaven. So it is about gaining inner strength.


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      Is this pivot method the only thing you can use in this situation btw?


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        No, you can also analyze the situation line by line, either by seeing it as a chronology (from bottom to top) or by attributing one line to each character involved. However in this situation it does not seem to make much difference, since 29.1 shows the one trying to solve the problem and 29.3 the one who has committed a fault.