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57 UC - Asking about how to find a life partner




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  • 57 UC - Asking about how to find a life partner

    I got the response “One goes after being approached.” This answer makes no sense. Can anyone explain how 57 UCLA guts to this question. Also using vague words such as “one” or “they” really ruins your interpretation. You should use the term “a person” if you want to generalize.

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    Hello Pookah.

    57 shows an answer, it can designate a sexual response. To find a life partnr, you need to answer sexually when sollicited. But not only that, it can designate any kind of response. Financial,moral support, etc...

    So in short you have to be there fore your partner and you will keep him or her for life.

    I use one because it does not necessarily designate people, it can be animals, things, situations or even ideas. It is very flexible. While English is not my first language, I use the singular they because Shakespeare did, but if you have something better to propose I will listen attentively.


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      Thank you for your answer. As for the use of the term « one », it works in French to a limited extent but is VERY difficult and awkward in the English language. It comes across as cryptic and unnecessarily opaque. I don’t think that is your intention. There is really no way to render English as impersonal as you appear to wish to do here. There are a few wirk-arounds. I encourage you also to not use odd and unusual terms such as « scoot ». Scooting has a humorous connotation and is used familiarly for a very precise type of movement or to indicate that some one is running off. Why not just use the word « leave ».? Or what about « leave quickly »? It might be better to start off with very conventional terms with no unusual overtones or connations and then modify the terms later as you see fit.


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        Thanks, I'll ponder about that.