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please can anyone advise on my reading




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  • please can anyone advise on my reading

    Hi everyone
    I have hexagram 36 changing to 34 ..changing line in the 2nd and 4th
    question is in which direction to go regarding work and career and general progression and what to pursue
    things seem slow with lake of communication and progress is hard to make which sound like 36 but for how long and what will it change into regarding 34 power as finding it hard to interpret ....
    many thanks for reading ..
    any advice is warmly received and appreciated

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    Hello, sorry for the delay I was super busy. 36 > 34: One must pay attention to what others say.

    36 is about isolating oneself from their environment, 34 is about focusing, so here we have someone who needs to isolate themself to be able to listen. What else can I say? The nuclear shows the root of the situation, here it is 40 > 43 which is about recognizing truth.