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  • Please, some help for a interpretation!

    Hi, Everyone!

    I need your help to interpret a I Ching consult that I made!

    The question was: Should I perserver fot the love of D?

    We've been together for almost fifteen years with highs and lows. Now we are in the middle of a crisis - there's another girl which he is envolved - and there's been a lot of sufferinf for us. We both have a great and deep conection and we are lost in this situation.
    So, I made the question to the I Ching.
    That's the result: (21 > 19)

    The formation
    21 - To decide
    One would like to meet but must accept arbitration.

    21.2 - One points at a repeat offender but they didn't find the real culprit.
    21.4 - One asks what they need.
    21.6 - One has stopped being unstable but others are waiting for answers before one can rest.

    In the making
    19 - To accompany
    One calls the youngest so they return.

    May tou can help me? Thank you!

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    Hi Júnia, I've just translated this situation in English and this is what I got: One will tend to do their best if others continue their encouragement.

    It looks to me that you should not lose hope and keep encouraging him.