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  • Assistance interpreting 31.2 please!

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get your interpretation on this
    I asked "How can I improve / best serve our relationship (love relationship- at present we are not seeing each other) and got 31.2

    31.2 (31 > 28)


    Others don't want one to leave.

    The formation
    31 - Impulse
    When one helps others, they come.

    31.2 - Others don't want one to leave.

    In the making
    28 - Abandonment
    One goes on their own if necessary. Stick to the essential.

    Any thoughts? Everywhere else I've looked up it advises along the lines of "sit still" which is kind of what I already knew. Would you say that's a correct interpretation? Ie: Don't push...

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    The classic interpretation of this line is that you should wait before leaving. For example, you are sitting in a bus, thus you won't stand up before the bus doors open. The comment is about waiting an effective influence, so here the bus doors opening. Richard Wilhelm comments this line by saying
    One should wait quietly until one is impelled to action by a real influence.
    I was very happy with this interpretation, but when I consulted the oracle for a comment, I got this: "Others don't want one to leave." That is different, but not too much. In fact, there is no longer a question of a delay. It happens that the oracle's comment has a wider range of application. The classic comment is included inside this one.

    So, how to interpret this line for your situation? There are two possibilities, one is that your partner doesn't want you to leave, so to help you should linger a bit longer. And the alternative is that you should ask your partner to stay longer, perhaps because your partner is shy and doesn't dare asking for it. If you can't relate this actually, my suggestion is to keep this in mind the next time you meet your lover, and it will possibly make sense.


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      Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it! It's given me some possibilities to ponder


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        Follow on question: "Show me what influence I must wait for before taking action?"

        22.2 (22 > 26)


        One goes with their entourage, who may be useful.

        The formation
        22 - Reservation
        One does not commit themself too hastily.

        22.2 - One goes with their entourage, who may be useful.

        In the making
        26 - Checking
        See that everything is alright. In this way one will find the invisible problems.

        I have been reserved, could this suggest to reach out? Possibly to a mutual friend? Await an influence of Grace perhaps but the stuff about beards has stumped me!


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          22.2 is about being a helper. You go outside, with your coat, maybe it will be useful. Or you take your smartphone with you, maybe you will have the need for it. Sometimes you go shopping with a friend, maybe your friend will have good advices...

          Maybe if you feel like you're becoming a helper then it would be time to take action.


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            Thanks taoscopy, much appreciated