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    I am a novice and could use some help...despite the beautiful weather I'm in turmoil...considering leaving my job, my partner moved to another town and I might have to move there and I'm sad and a whole lot of other stuff

    I have been asking questions like what would be like if I stayed or what would be like if I move .

    Thought I needed to step back so I asked the following...

    Any help with this would be great...thank you

    Help me understand what is going on -> 28.5*>*32

    In formation
    28 - Abandonment
    One goes on their own if necessary. Stick to the essential.

    5 - One hurries to repair before others notice the decline.

    In the making
    32 - Perseverance
    One must be careful before committing themself, after they must continue.

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    Hello, welcome to the forum. Sorry for the long delay before replying, the forum is not too busy these days. Here we have Abandonment (continue alone), then Perseverance (keep on doing what you were committed in). It seems contradictory, hence the comment at the fifth line telling you that you need to fight against the decline. The question is who or what are you going to abandon (your job and your city or your partner)? I think that the I Ching tells you that the decision is yours, continue what matters the most for you and abandon the other.