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  • 62 becoming 55 about a job thing

    I keep getting this fan-work unpaid job offer indirectly, through email. This odd recurrence is worrying me to death, making me think I keep denying it when I should take it, because I am neurotically loath to miss an opportunity due to my home situation. I am a reclusive nervous person by nature, an HSP with ADD and probably Asperger's. INTP also. Except that I like the practicality of a thing, being a virgo moon. (I am also Libra Sun, Scorp rising. haha) NOW... here is question, keeping in mind I am very introverted and am forced to live at home with my parents currently because of this annoying health issue. 32 yrs old, genderfluid fem, if that helps. Sorry, the ADD/Asperger's makes me TMI. It doesn't feel like I would ultimately succeed in this job due to the socialization requirements and knowing my exhaustion when I try to attend large events or any large grouping of people, but... it is the only one that keeps popping up that is in line with what I know to be an interest I've had in the past. I don't understand the book's answer, despite my best efforts. IT SEEMS as though it is saying, not yet. Well, my whole life has been not yet. Am I missing the point here, that being that maybe NOT YET is still okay at this juncture, or... Am I dense, or...
    Should I do the assistant editor thing, please? -> 62.1 > 55

    In formation
    62 - Exit
    One checks before going out.

    1 - One accepts to examine the weakest, in order to know if one must continue with the others until they are ready.

    In the making
    55 - To manage
    One prepares to meet requests. After a study, decisions will be applied and checked. Unreasonable requests will be ignored.

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    Hello CADMUS17 and welcome to the site.

    My opinion about this reading is that it's about going under scrutiny. Who or what is going under scrutiny? Well, it could be about you, but as an assistant editor, it would be your job to verify the facts, the grammar, the spelling, and so on.

    So, are you up to that task, the question is returned to you... Naturally you mention socialization requirements, I don't know as many details as you do about this job, so I can't draw the conclusion for you. Maybe you can negotiate a "safe perimeter" where you feel comfortable, I've mentioned spell-checking maybe that's not what it is about, however my interpretation is that it's about scrutiny.

    I would say go ahead, naturally, unless you think that something about the scrutiny makes you feel uncomfortable. Maybe you can continue the discussion with the oracle from there (for example: Who or what is going to be examined?)