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    Hi guys, I need hep because my psicological status doesn't permit me to reed the response clearly.
    The situation is that I was near to move in an other country with my boyfriend after two years of economic difficulties and a distance relationship. The last year has been very hard for both but now that we had the possibilities to change our path together I received a call by my boyfriend where he admitted me passing a confused time about everything and he doesn't know if he wants continue with the relationship.
    Everything happened yesterday and tomorrow I asked to the I-ching "what can I do to resolve the current relationship problems?"
    The answer has been: changing in 64.
    please...explain me, help me.
    thanks to everybody will want to answer me

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    Hello, welcome to the forum, and sorry for the delay. I didn't notice your post because it was not in the expected forum. I will move it.

    The hexagram 51, "The shock" describes your current situation. The hexagram 64 is about instability: your relationship has become unstable, so the advice is to be cautious and to communicate.

    Now we can have a look at the changing lines:

    Line 1 describes what you were expecting: moving with your boyfriend, the hexagram 51 is also about moving.
    Line 2 can be interpreted in relation with line 1: so the advice is to give up on this idea.
    Line 6 is about confusion, your boyfriend is confused, so you have to let him recover his spirits. Discretion is recommended.

    So, there is a paradox here, because 64 is advising you to communicate and 51.6 tells you to stay quiet. If I was you I would enquire about this, by asking a follow-up question (for example: inform which relatives?)

    However my opinion is that you should inform your circle of friends or your family about this situation, whatever is relevant.

    what can I do to resolve the current relationship problems? -> > 64

    In formation
    51 - Shock
    Something is coming which enables the identification of a problem.

    1 - One can laugh after having seen.
    2 - One does not seek what they have lost.
    6 - One has lost the weakest so one remains discreet until they change.

    In the making
    64 - Instability
    One must show patience and only act knowingly. They are cautious and inform their relatives.


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      Thanks for the answer first. The situation changed in a pair of days with him saying me that he was missing me and for that he decided to try moving together in a month and half but yesterday he told me that he doesn't can continue with our programs because he doesn't feel nothing. He just knows that he became cold and totally extraneous to the relationship, that he doesn't feel love now but just mechanical habits. today I asked to the iching if "he will return without second thoughts and with conviction that he wants me for the life?" the answer has been 11.1 >46. I always meet problems to the real message of the result because I think "if the iching is preferring saying me something different instead to clearly answer to my question? Is him taking out tha bad from our relationship by a break from it and than he will discover we are too connected to abort and uproot the healthy common roots?


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        Ok, so that's what the instability was about. 11.1 is about preparation, what has been prepared? Common live or separation? I can't answer this for you.