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Daily reading: (TTC 2: Manage the work of detached actions)




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  • Daily reading: (TTC 2: Manage the work of detached actions)

    Chapter 2:

    The Yi Jing commented:

    Manage the work of detached actions -> > 20

    The formation
    7 - The will
    To solve their problems, one will need discipline and continuity.

    2 - One does like everybody else, therefore is trusted.
    5 - Something useful can be obtained, the most experienced will be able to succeed, another would damage it.
    6 - It is time to restore order after action, and for that one will need specialists.

    In the making
    20 - View
    Going to see and be seen.

    My interpretation:

    This reading is difficult to interpret, I would have expected the hexagram 2 to comment this sentence. The follow-up questions may help us.

    What are the problems ? (7)

    What are the problems ? -> 46

    The formation
    46 - Formation
    One is guided until they reach knowledge.

    Learning, teaching

    What is done like everybody else? (7.2)

    What is done like everybody else? -> 34.3.4 > 19

    The formation
    34 - Concentration
    One does not let their thoughts derail.

    3 - One refrains until others go out.
    4 - When one hesitates they consult their friends.

    In the making
    19 - To accompany
    One calls the youngest so they return.

    We need another question:

    One refrains from doing what? (34.3)

    One refrains from doing what? -> > 24

    The formation
    61 - Immobilized
    Show patience, one is asked to make progress.

    2 - Receiving a friendly request.
    5 - When others are waiting for help, and one hesitates, one hides behind their group.
    6 - Others lack confidence because one answered too fast.

    In the making
    24 - To return
    One returns to see the results of their action.

    Acting (giving advices) without request

    What can be obtained? (7.5)

    What can be obtained? -> 63.1 > 39

    The formation
    63 - Maximum
    One can make a few improvements to not see the decline.

    1 - One asks their close ones to prepare themselves before responding.

    In the making
    39 - Uncertainty
    Solving a difficulty requires a patient study. If one fails, they will receive help after showing that they have done their best.

    Preparation before action

    Who or what are the most able? (7.5)

    Who or what are the most able? -> 38.2.4 > 27

    The formation
    38 - Misunderstanding
    One must revisit a misunderstanding if they want to dispel it. If needed, one can seek advice. One may abandon the small differences.

    2 - One comes upon someone they know who had taken distance.
    4 - One asks for help with leaving their neighborhood in order to overcome the difficulties.

    In the making
    27 - Supply
    One supplies as needed.

    We need to understand about the neighborhood.

    What neighborhood? (38.4)

    What neighborhood? -> 57

    The formation
    57 - Answer
    One goes after being approached.

    Giving an answer.

    Who or what are the specialists? (7.6)

    Who or what are the specialists? -> 28.3 > 47

    The formation
    28 - Abandonment
    One goes on their own if necessary. Stick to the essential.

    3 - One must preserve the link.

    In the making
    47 - The embarrassment
    Circumstances or appearances play a negative role. Justifying oneself is useless, one will be understood later.

    Embarrassment caused by the rupture of the link (which must be preserved).

    To see what? (20)

    To see what? -> 59

    The formation
    59 - Separation
    One endures separation without opposing it by force.

    Detachment, detached action


    The work of detached action is explained by the three lines, 7.2 is about refraining from giving advices without request, 7.5 is about refraining from giving answers in order to encourage a better preparation. And 7.6 is about breaking the link in order to cause embarrassment.

    Discipline expressed by the hexagram 7 is necessary in order to teach. This discipline leads to the contemplation (20) of detachment (59).

    So detachment is exerted by taking distance from others.