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Daily reading: 25 (TTC 2: Therefore the sages:)




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  • Daily reading: 25 (TTC 2: Therefore the sages:)

    Chapter 2:

    The Yi Jing commented:

    Therefore the sages: -> 25

    The formation
    25 - Recklessness
    When one overlooks the future, they won't see what is coming.

    My interpretation:

    This is the pivotal point in the chapter 2, we had a list of pairs of antonyms, and from there we are being taught about the conduct of the sages. What is coming is the rest of the chapter, we may need to ask about the future, and while we are at it ask about what is coming.

    What future? (25)

    What future? -> 46.3 > 7

    The formation
    46 - Formation
    One is guided until they reach knowledge.

    3 - Others want to know if one can continue alone.

    The sages who don't want to help.

    In the making
    7 - The will
    To solve their problems, one will need discipline and continuity.

    What is coming? (25)

    What is coming? -> 3.1.5 > 2

    The formation
    3 - Remedy
    Time will need to be spent. Seek assistance and clarify the situation by identifying the problems.

    1 - When others ask for help, if one accepts despite the constraints they will set an example.
    5 - One wants to know before they decide.

    Constraints about helping others (line 1), giving advice (line 5)

    In the making
    2 - Obedience
    Being able to provide assistance, without taking decisions.


    When the sages forget to leave people without help, they won't be asked for help.