The Yi Jing commented:

Obama weighs expanding background checks through executive authority -> 45

The formation
45 - Group
The responsibility of a group requires foresight, perseverance and availability.

My interpretation:

This reading does appear to present any difficulty. If we were to interpret this reading without follow-up questions, then we read that Barack Obama is responsible of the USA. However since this is the daily reading, we are going to ask some follow-up questions to see if more insight can be gained.

Who/what is the responsible? (45)

Who/what is the responsible? -> 14.3.6 > 54

The formation
14 - Meeting the demands
Addressing the needs if the means are available.

3 - Accepting loss and abandon, this is how one sets back the danger.
6 - When one is patient others help them.

In the making
54 - Assistance
Protect one's interests by making oneself useful.

At first, line 3 can be interpreted in two ways. It can refer to Barack Obama who is risking his life by addressing the fire arms problem, 14.3 is often related to the acceptance of a sacrifice. The second is way is to see that abandoning fire arms will reduce danger for the Americans. We are going to ask what is the loss to clarify.

What loss? (14.3)

What loss? -> 5.2.5 > 36

The formation
5 - Patience
Something is coming, look forward to it with confidence rather than going and see.

2 - There was a bad start because there was no discussion.
5 - Seeing it coming and having confidence.

In the making
36 - Adversity
One isolates themself to correct the situation.

An unexpected answer, this is about discussing with the Congress. So we need to ask what is the danger.

What danger? (14.3)

What danger? -> 11.2.3 > 24

The formation
11 - Duty
Organize, prepare one's work.

2 - Enduring harsh conditions, being attentive, and forgetting their preferences, make it possible to broaden one’s scope.
3 - When a problem arises and one can solve it, they will rejoice.

In the making
24 - To return
One returns to see the results of their action.

The danger is to work a lot to solve this difficult issue, and being dragged into compromises (forgetting their preferences), as 5.2 above also suggests. 24 is about returning to the Congress.

Line 14.6 is quite understandable on its own but we can still ask more questions about it to clarify.

Who is patient? (14.6)

Who is patient? -> 46.1 > 11

The formation
46 - Formation
One is guided until they reach knowledge.

1 - One is going to seek elsewhere.

In the making
11 - Duty
Organize, prepare one's work.

Barack Obama, who is not seeking the help of the Congress.

Patient about what? (14.6)

Patient about what? -> 3

The formation
3 - Remedy
Time will need to be spent. Seek assistance and clarify the situation by identifying the problems.

Solving this issue of fire arms.

Who helps? (14.6)

Who helps? -> 2

The formation
2 - Obedience
Being able to provide assistance, without taking decisions.

The people who apply the decisions.

What is the group? (45)

What is the group? -> 13.4.5 > 22

The formation
13 - Company
Making oneself available. Not taking one's own opinions into account. General agreement is impossible.

4 - Losing one's bitterness.
5 - Acting together, then feeling lost. Both are worried and saddened but the feelings are shared. After great difficulties, the meeting will be joyful.

Restoring peace in the USA.

In the making
22 - Reservation
One shall not move too hastily.

Foresight about what? (45)

Foresight about what? -> 55.3.6 > 21

The formation
55 - To manage
One prepares to meet requests. After a study, decisions will be applied and checked. Unreasonable requests will be ignored.

3 - The weakest abstain because they don't want to bear any more.
6 - One needs preparation to regain their means.

Line 6 is about people who died (they need a new body), line 3 is about the population that cannot stand the shootings anymore.

In the making
21 - To decide
One would like to meet but must accept arbitration.

Perseverance about what? (45)

Perseverance about what? -> 4.2 > 23

The formation
4 - Asking for advice
Give references to the student who asks oneself questions, but delay before answering to the foolish questions. That way the student will trust their judgment.

2 - When someone is welcoming and a patient teacher, they are trusted.

Educational efforts, pedagogy.

In the making
23 - Erosion
Decline that one can control by using their reservations.

Avaibility for what? (45)

Avaibility for what? -> 31.4 > 39

The formation
31 - Impulse
When one helps others, they come.

4 - One only thinks about what is known.

This is a bit difficult to interpret, it can mean focusing on this subject, or it can refer to background checks.

In the making
39 - Uncertainty
Solving a difficulty requires a patient study. If one fails, they will receive help after showing that they have done their best.


The responsible of the group is naturally Barack Obama, who is circumventing the Congress. Each time there is a mass killing, the president needs to comfort the afflicted, this is the group the oracle is talking about. The foresight is about the population that cannot stand the killings anymore, perseverance about pedagogy and availability about the background checks. More insight could be gained by continuing the follow-up questions.