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Daily reading: 33.5.6 (Human rights are no longer a 'top priority' for the Government, says Foreign Office chief )




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  • Daily reading: 33.5.6 (Human rights are no longer a 'top priority' for the Government, says Foreign Office chief )


    The Yi Jing commented:

    Human rights are no longer a 'top priority' for the Government, says Foreign Office chief -> 33.5.6 > 62

    The formation
    33 - Moving away
    Before leaving, one must hand over the reins.

    5 - One stops searching alone.
    6 - One leaves until others calm down.

    In the making
    62 - Exit
    One checks before going out.

    My interpretation:

    This reading is roughly understandable without follow-up questions. The line 33.5 is not obvious in this reading (it often describes social networks or internet). And there is always the risk of a false interpretation so some follow-up questions will be helpful.

    Who/what is leaving? (33)

    Who/what is leaving? -> 17.4.5 > 24

    The formation
    17 - To guide
    When one rejoices others, they join with them.

    4 - When one gets, it leads to requests.
    5 - One is guided by what they love.

    In the making
    24 - To return
    One returns to see the results of their action.

    Human rights support

    Who/what stops searching alone? (33.5)

    Who/what stops searching alone? -> > 36

    The formation
    59 - Separation
    One endures separation without opposing it by force.

    1 - One examines the reservations to see if they are in order.
    2 - One asks their close ones to look at the disorder they have caused.
    3 - One can return to their close ones because they have looked too far away.
    5 - Others are expecting one to find the answer without help.
    6 - When one does not know if they can repair, they move away and refrain from asking the most able for resources to continue.

    In the making
    36 - Adversity
    One isolates themself to correct the situation.

    Human rights activists

    Searching what? (33.5)

    Searching what? -> 45.4.5 > 2

    The formation
    45 - Group
    The responsibility of a group requires foresight, perseverance and availability.

    4 - One welcomes others on the behalf of someone.
    5 - Others left but one can encourage them.

    In the making
    2 - Obedience
    Being able to provide assistance, without taking decisions.

    Defending human rights

    Who/what leaves? (33.6)

    Who/what leaves? -> 7

    The formation
    7 - The will
    To solve their problems, one will need discipline and continuity.

    The will to defend human rights

    Who/what needs to calm down? (33.6)

    Who/what needs to calm down? -> > 61

    The formation
    34 - Concentration
    One does not let their thoughts derail.

    3 - One refrains until others go out.
    4 - When one hesitates they consult their friends.
    5 - One abandons their flaws with confidence.
    6 - One does not have the strength to continue so they stop.

    The British government

    In the making
    61 - Immobilized
    Show patience, one is asked to make progress.

    Check what? (62)

    Check what? -> 60

    The formation
    60 - Limit
    One does not go further.

    This is maybe about the budget or a moral limit. When in doubt, the best is to ask.

    What limit? (60)

    What limit? -> 37.6 > 63

    The formation
    37 - Relatives
    One nurtures their relationships by maintaining contact.

    6 - One is called by their close ones so they join them.

    In the making
    63 - Maximum
    One can make a few improvements to not see the decline.

    The limit is what the population is ready to accept.

    So, the human rights support is being abandoned (33). The human rights activists will need to campaign on internet to change the British Government stance (this is illustrated by 45.5). The Foreign Office will drop the human rights support until the British Government 'calms down' on this idea.

    What needs to be checked is whether the British population accepts this change or not (62).