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Daily reading: 27.6 (Cowspiracy & the Tipping Point)




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  • Daily reading: 27.6 (Cowspiracy & the Tipping Point)


    The Yi Jing commented:

    Cowspiracy & the Tipping Point -> 27.6 > 24

    The formation
    27 - Supply
    One supplies as needed.

    6 - One prepares themself before satisfying demands.

    In the making
    24 - To return
    One returns to see the results of their action.

    My interpretation:

    The hexagram 27 is spot-on for a film about food. We need a few follow-up questions to get a better understanding of the oracle's answer.

    Who does the preparation? (27.6)

    Who does the preparation? -> 47.2 > 45

    The formation
    47 - The embarrassment
    Circumstances or appearances play a negative role. Justifying oneself is useless, one will be understood later.

    2 - One was expecting nothing, when an unexpected visit occurs that will allow to review their judgment.

    The author of the movie changed his mind after having seen Al Gore's movie.

    In the making
    45 - Group
    The responsibility of a group requires foresight, perseverance and availability.

    What kind of preparation? (27.6)

    What kind of preparation? -> 30.1.4 > 52

    The formation
    30 - Lucidity
    Patience will bring success.

    1 - When the preparation is long one must be patient.
    4 - One rushes, but does not have the strength to last.

    This suggest making a movie (long preparation and the rushes).

    In the making
    52 - Stop
    One recognizes that it is time to stop because they need to be fed.

    What are the demands? (27.6)

    What are the demands? -> 22.3.6 > 24

    The formation
    22 - Reservation
    One shall not move too hastily.

    3 - One does not want to finish too fast.
    6 - One hides their difficulties to help the weakest and let the most able continue without help.

    Line 3 is probably about 'not consuming resources' too fast. Line 6 should be about protecting the biodiversity.

    In the making
    24 - To return
    One returns to see the results of their action.

    What are the results of their action? (24)

    What are the results of their action? -> 11

    The formation
    11 - Duty
    Organize, prepare one's work.

    The hexagram 11 calls for another follow-up question:

    What kind of work? (11)

    What kind of work? -> 1

    The formation
    1 - Evolution
    Changing to obtain quality work.

    The work is to prepare evolution.

    The difficulty here is to figure out who does the preparation. It could have been the author of the article, or the reader or the public in general. However the kind of preparation (30.1.4) suggests that it is a film so the oracle is talking about the author of the film.

    The demands are to diminish the rate of food consumption on our planet. The resources must not finish too fast. 22.6 must be about switching to vegan diet.

    The result of the film author's action is to make mentalities evolve.

    Naturally there are a lot of open doors here, and you can continue the conversation with the oracle by asking more follow-up questions.