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Daily reading: 5.1.3 (Fukushima: Up to 100% of No. 2 reactor fuel may have melted)

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  • Daily reading: 5.1.3 (Fukushima: Up to 100% of No. 2 reactor fuel may have melted)

    Article :

    The Yi Jing commented:

    Fukushima: Up to 100% of No. 2 reactor fuel may have melted -> 5.1.3 > 29

    The formation
    5 - Patience
    Something is coming, look forward to it with confidence rather than going and see.

    1 - One cannot come to help immediately.
    3 - Others become distant because one did not make their committment fast enough.

    In the making
    29 - Depth
    When problems are too difficult, one tries to work around them.

    My interpretation:

    We need some follow-up questions to understand this reading:

    What is coming? (5)

    What is coming? -> 31.2 > 28

    The formation
    31 - Impulse
    When one helps others, they come.

    2 - Others don't want one to leave.

    This appears to be radioactivity.

    In the making
    28 - Abandonment
    One goes on their own if necessary. Stick to the essential.

    Who/what cannot help? (5.1)

    Who/what cannot help? -> 36.2 > 11

    The formation
    36 - Adversity
    One isolates themself to correct the situation.

    2 - Receiving a wound which will encourage to offer support.

    The damages from radioactivity are not high enough to encourage general mobilization.

    In the making
    11 - Duty
    Organize, prepare one's work.

    Who/what become distant? (5.3)

    Who/what become distant? -> 25.1.6 > 45

    The formation
    25 - Recklessness
    When one overlooks the future, they won't see what is coming.

    1 - One wants to see the evidence before accepting.
    Obtaining the proofs.
    6 - Do not make efforts.
    Without efforts.

    In the making
    45 - Group
    The responsibility of a group requires foresight, perseverance and availability.

    What problems are too difficult? (29)

    What problems are too difficult? -> 20.5 > 23

    The formation
    20 - View
    Going to see and be seen.

    5 - One shows to a qualified person.

    The experts cannot inspect the reactor.

    In the making
    23 - Erosion
    Decline that one can control by using their reserves.

    How can one work around the problems? (29)

    How can one work around the problems? -> 15.4 > 62

    The formation
    15 - Decency
    One shall not provoke with initiatives.

    4 - One does not act without receiving the request.

    With a robot.

    In the making
    62 - Exit
    One checks before going out.

    So, long lasting radioactivity is what is coming. The problems are not addressed because the damage is not great enough (from 36.2). Widespread mobilization (from 25.1.6 > 45) is fading away. The difficulty is to see what is going on at Fukushima. And it is worked around by using robots (they don't act without receiving the request).