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Daily reading: 46.1.3 (Romeo and Juliet, Act 5 Scene 2)




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  • Daily reading: 46.1.3 (Romeo and Juliet, Act 5 Scene 2)

    The scene:

    The Yi Jing commented:

    Romeo and Juliet, Act 5 Scene 2 -> 46.1.3 > 19

    The formation
    46 - Formation
    One is guided until they reach knowledge.

    1 - One is going to seek elsewhere.
    3 - Others want to know if one can continue alone.

    In the making
    19 - To accompany
    One calls the youngest so they return.

    My interpretation:

    As usual, we can ask follow-up questions to get a better understanding of the oracle's answer.

    Who is guided? (from 46)

    Who is guided? -> 7.6 > 4

    The formation
    7 - The will
    To solve their problems, one will need discipline and continuity.

    6 - It is time to restore order after action, and for that one will need specialists.

    In the making
    4 - Asking for advice
    Give references to the student who asks oneself questions, but delay before answering to the foolish questions. That way the student will trust their judgment.

    What knowledge? (from 46)

    What knowledge? -> 57.1.3 > 61

    The formation
    57 - Answer
    One goes after being approached.

    1 - One gives the youngest ones some time to finish the preparation. Then, one shows them their weaknesses and answers their requests for explanation.
    3 - One does not show to others to not disturb them.

    In the making
    61 - Immobilized
    Show patience, one is asked to make progress.

    Who is going to seek elsewhere? (from 46.1)

    Who is going to seek elsewhere? -> 22

    The formation
    22 - To reserve
    One shall not move too hastily.

    Who are the others? (from 46.3)

    Who are the others? -> 40.1.5 > 58

    The formation
    40 - Amending
    One makes progress by abandoning what limited them.

    1 - One wants to free themself, it's a good decision.
    5 - Only a capable person can show the solution.

    In the making
    58 - Attraction
    Wait before committing oneself. A simple proposal is enough. One wants to know what the other desires before responding.

    Who can continue alone? (from 46.3)

    Who can continue alone? -> 19.6 > 41

    The formation
    19 - To accompany
    One calls the youngest so they return.

    6 - One stops reluctantly because others call for a pause.

    In the making
    41 - Remove
    One loses their support and abandons. Accepting the constraints will arouse sympathy.

    Continue what? (from 46.3)

    Continue what? -> 53.2.5 > 18

    The formation
    53 - To associate
    One offers their fellows to overcome constraints by associating.

    2 - One consults the most able about the problems one might encounter.
    5 - When the best don't want, one checks.

    In the making
    18 - Disorder
    One needs to abandon their affairs and make themself available to patiently soften their most embarrassing flaws, in order to be able to inspire trust and be engaged by those who can help them.

    Who are the youngest? (from 19)

    Who are the youngest? -> 35.4 > 23

    The formation
    35 - Discovery
    Answers come naturally.

    4 - One conceals themself to escape from difficulties.

    In the making
    23 - Erosion
    Decline that one can control by using their reserves.

    Friar John is the one who is guided (from 7.6: he seeks specialists to restore order). The knowledge is naturally that Juliet is asleep. Note that the person who is guided (Friar John) is not the same person that reaches knowledge (Romeo). It's due to the flexibility of the oracle.

    Friar Laurence is the one who is going to seek elsewhere, because of 22: he didn't move too hastily.

    Friar John (40.5) and Friar Laurence (40.1) are the others who want to know if Romeo can continue alone. They want to know if he will check with them before doing something irreparable.

    The youngest of the hexagram 19 is Juliet.