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  • Another Identical Reading

    If you have read my other post about going to jail, this might be interesting.

    On December 26 I asked this: How will things change while I'm in jail? I received

    Yesterday I posted a thread on Facebook explaining what has happened. I added a video of my wife dancing and having fun in a bar while I was in jail. I made sure to take responsibility for my actions and my efforts to improve myself.

    I said that I have no interest in letting my wife and family go and find a new wife and family. That is just not in my emotional/spiritual make up. I told my friends that I hope by offering the sacrifice of my freedom, I might show myself worthy of her and my family's trust again.

    I also talked about how she has been drunk at bars and very friendly with the bassist my band replaced me with in public videos I have run across. I expressed my belief in her word that she has been faithful to our marriage. Seeing those has been uncomfortable for me, to say the least.

    I also asked this of the oracle yesterday: How can I expect Kim to respond to the Facebook post? I received!​

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    Yes, detachment or separation is something that can be envisioned short term. This is a decision that you cannot take alone, as she can also decide your future as a couple. As I already said the alternative to move away is to move aside and let her decide how much of you she wants in her life. To meet your goals you don't have to reunite with her, just to be there for her when she needs you. Sometimes things cannot be fixed in one life, but we can make preparations to improve things the next life, or we can also make things more difficult in the next life. Your path is very difficult, but don't be afraid to fail, you will learn a lot from your mistakes.

    As for your question I don't think that posting these videos was supportive of her and might enlarge the gap between you and your wife, however by trial and error we can finally find the right attitude.