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Same exact reading 46.3.5-29

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  • Same exact reading 46.3.5-29

    I just received the same exact reading I got on a closely related question I asked on December 1st. 2022.

    The first question I asked on December 1 was "What can I expect from trying to save my marriage through next April?" I received: 46.3.5-29

    Things have been at a standstill. My wife will only talk with me about business matters and has only unhappy things to say about personal things and that's very little.

    I have taken dozens and dozens of readings trying to figure out what I can possibly say or do that would improve things. Every reading pretty much says that there is nothing I can do right now. Her heart is hardened against me and the best thing I can do is nothing.

    Actually a recurring theme is the hexagram 20 judgment that says "The King has made the ablution but has yet to make the sacrifice."

    Recently I realized there's nothing good going for me out here after getting out of jail. I realized also that I was not any more unhappy in jail than I am out here, homeless and depending on the kindness of friends.

    My wife has a protective order on me and I can't go home and she has turned my family against me. Now here I am at Christmas Eve and she won't even tell me who's coming to Christmas dinner.

    Alaska is a communal property state so I could divorce her and take half our assets. I can't do that though. My power animal is a wolf and there can only be one mate and pack for me.

    I can't destroy my home and have no hope ever reuniting and making Amends. This has left me with only one final solution, but I can't do that either. I don't want to go before Sophia and try to explain why I gave up faith in Her and be sent back to relearn this lesson.

    I have accepted that my punishment in jail and further punishment from my wife is well deserved. I broke the law and even though I didn't physically hurt her and my daughter, I did serious emotional damage that destroyed their trust.

    I got an inspiration to go back to prison and finish my suspended sentence. This, the Oracle told me, literally, "Now you are on the right track!"

    I have petitioned the court to terminate my probation and let me do the remainder of my sentence which is 300 days. I would do about 200 of that with good time.

    My hearing is next Tuesday. I took a reading of what I can expect from that hearing. I received: 12.2.4-59

    The magistrate will have discretion on how much of that time he thinks I should do to remove my probation terms. When I get out I will have my rights and liberty's restored.

    More importantly to me, I am hopeful this will demonstrate to my wife and my daughter who is also has a protective order on me that I am willing to atone for my wrongs to them.

    I believe this is the sacrifice referred to in the moving line of another reading about going back to jail.

    Today I finally gave up trying to communicate anything meaningful with my wife. I intend to make my final effort to reconcile when I get out of jail.

    Today I took a reading and asked the question, "How will things go with Kim from now until I get through with jail/court?" I received: 46.3.5-29!

    This also gives me a clue about how long of a sentence I may receive. Since the first question extends through april.

    I know the danger hexagram seems scary but it is more about perceiving and avoiding Danger than suffering its consequences.

    I'm curious if any of you have any thoughts about this.​
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    By the way, I asked this question on December 8th 2022: How will going back to jail change things through October 2023?

    I received this hexagram: 1.

    On December 10th 2022, that night I lost all hope. I had nothing left in my heart and spirit. I decided to let myself die.

    The following morning the Creator relit the little candle of faith that had gone out. She ordered me to hold on a little longer. I obeyed.

    I decided to have faith that things could improve. Everyone I knew and the whole world seemed to be screaming at me to give up hope and walk away. The problem is there is nowhere for me to walk away to.

    I decided to disbelieve all the evidence except what was in my heart and the promise of Sophia that She would return me to my wife a better man. She had given me that promise In my darkest moment in prison.

    That morning I asked this question: Has anything changed since last night through April 2023?

    I received this hexagram: 2.


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      Hello and welcome to the forum. I think that you have a clear vision of your situation. Wilhelm has an interesting comment on hex 29:

      Through repetition of danger we grow accustomed to it. Water sets the example for the right conduct under such circumstances. It flows on and on, and merely fills up all the places through which it flows; it does not shrink from any dangerous spot nor from any plunge, and nothing can make it lose its own essential nature. It remains true to itself under all conditions.

      As for the issues with your wife, I don't think that I am qualified to give you a proper advice. However, from a spiritual point of view, if you have wronged her you will have to endure as much as she did. Dying would only make the problem more complicated. What we can do is to acknowledge our wrongs then see if we can do anything to repair. Since she talks business with you then help her that way maybe? Give her what she needs and I'm sure that things will improve for you both. I wouldn't try that final effort to reconcile, give yourself and her more time. If you are soulmates you have met in many lives and will meet in many more lives, no need to rush and just fix the present issues as best as you can.

      Once you have done the best you can, then if she won't forgive you just move on, as I said you will meet in many more lives Sophia didn't lie to you.

      Look at 35.1:

      Perseverance brings good fortune.
      If one meets with no confidence, one should remain calm.
      No mistake.

      At a time when all elements are pressing for progress, we are still uncertain whether in the course of advance we may not meet with a rebuff. Then the thing to do is simply continue in what is right; in the end this will bring good fortune. It may be that we meet with no confidence. In this case we ought not to try to win confidence regardless of the situation, but should remain calm and cheerful and refuse to be roused to anger. Thus we remain free of mistakes.
      You can also look 38.1 and others. Your family is upset, this is only temporary. Rather than walking away you can just move aside and still be there for them when they need you. But for now you need to endure some kind of adversity I guess so things won't be easy for you.

      46 > 29 is about getting more information, so communication is the important point here, and this is what you should focus on.
      ​ The nuclear says "One understands one another when all speak the same language.", this is the root of the situation.


      • Alaska_Shaman
        Alaska_Shaman commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you for your reply. I have finally matured enough to follow the suggestions of the oracle.

        I am giving her the time and space she needs and it's amazing how quickly results come sometimes.

        Today was the first time in many months she has given me a blessing. She wished me to have a blessed Christmas.

        I finally have faith in The Tao. I finally have trust in the universe and will let it unfold the way it is supposed to.

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      Ok, that's good to hear.


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        I ended up with the full 300-day sentence. I'm still getting what I wanted: a chance to make amends to everyone.


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          A difficult path is better than no path at all. Hopefully things will improve for you from now on.