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8 - Selecting recruits26 - Checking


8 > 26 - Justify oneself for one's actions

One prepares to be able to explain their conduct.

The formation

8 - Selecting recruits

Sharing a common vision. Hesitations can lead to regrets.

8.1 - Coming from the other side
- One is tired of the delays caused by checks, so one modestly asks the other to come back to finish what they have started, when they are done showing their results to others.

8.2 - Make one's attachment credible - One commits oneself to help one's friends repairing their damage before others notice.

8.3 - Questioning the integrity of one's opponents - There are people whose reputation has been put to the test among those one knows.

8.5 - Selecting the most dedicated ones - Show what selection is: only take those who want to come, others can leave.

8.6 - Letting the most efficient repair the deficiencies - If we miss the beginning, the end will be shaky.

In the making

26 - Checking

See that everything is alright. In this way one will find the invisible problems.

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