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  • career 22.1.3 > 23

    Hi there... I asked the i ching... "Will I ever receive recognition as an actress?" I got 22.1.3 > 23

    Any ideas on this interpretation?

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    I am very uncomfortable to interpret this without follow-up questions.

    First I would say that you have to interpret 22 transforming into 23, then interpret 22.1 and 22.3, either independently or the two in connection, that's why interpreting is so difficult.

    So, 22 is about recognition not coming fast enough, and 23 about the fatigue that it creates.

    22.1 would mean that others don't help you because they think that you can succeed without their help.

    22.3 would mean that you won't give up too fast.

    From this situation, it's obvious that you need others help to be recognized, so what you can do is to ask the oracle how can you can convince others to help you. You can also ask what can be done to control the decline.

    Will I ever receive recognition as an actress? -> 22.1.3 > 23

    In formation
    22 - Reservation
    One does not commit themself too hastily.

    1 - One is trusted to succeed without help.
    3 - One does not want to finish too fast.

    In the making
    23 - Erosion
    Decline that one can control by using their reservations.

    Now if you want a deep analysis of your situation then you can ask these follow-up questions:

    Who or what does not commit themself too hastily? (Success maybe?)

    Who or what is trusted to succeed? (We might think that it's about you but you never know, maybe the oracle is talking about something else)

    Who or what does not want to finish too fast? (It's like taking your time, making something last, not giving up too fast?)

    What is the decline? (fatigue?)

    How can the decline be controlled? (relationships?)